Old is New Again

SMK_4014 copyWhen Dave was little his dad built him a wooden firetruck. It is a beautiful hand-made piece that Dave loved playing with as a little boy. Years later, when Dave and I starting dating, I learnt that I loved photographing it whenever I visited his parents’ home as it really is a nice piece. When we moved into our new house, Dave’s parents brought it to us and it has been sitting in our front room by the piano for the past couple years. And on his most recent visit to our house, I let our nephew Jackson play with it and he apparently loved it too!

Stephanie Beach Photography Portraiture

I asked Jackson to only drive it on the tile and not the hardwood as the firetruck has wooden wheels that I didn’t want to scratch up the floor. He seemed to understand as he didn’t go on the hardwood (I was impressed that he knew what I was asking). But since he is 2 and a half and it is fun to almost do what you are told not to do, he would drive it along the tile and then push it right up to the hardwood.

SMK_4014 copy SMK_4030 copy (2)SMK_4022 copy

I really did love seeing him play with Dave’s old toy – thank you to Dave’s parents for bringing it to us. 🙂