Birthday Month

Alaskan Cruise Juneau IcefieldAmong my circle of friends May is known as birthday month as we have a number of friends with birthdays in May. For me the list got even longer this year with the birth of our new niece, Evelyn.

This past Saturday was my best friend Chris’ birthday. In fact, it was her 30th birthday (a milestone I called 29+1 for myself). We down to Toronto Saturday morning and spent the afternoon and evening with her and her friends. She had created a birthday encompassing the three decades of her life. We started with her childhood with activities like colouring and playing frisbee in a park. We then moved on to her adolescence by eating a Subway restaurant inspired dinner as Chris worked at Subway through much of her adolescence (and a bit through her 20s as well). Then for her most recent decade, there was some drinking and ‘normal’ partying. I am going to be honest, I got stuck in the childhood decade of her party and ended up colouring all day. By this I mean I literally coloured from about 2pm to midnight. There were pauses for when we went to the park and when I ate my Subway inspired dinner, but yeah, I pretty much coloured in a Care Bear colouring book, with crayons, all day. It was fantastic!! I loved being able to spend the day celebrating my friend’s big milestone.

Later this week, our friend Dan turns the big 3-0 and I hope he has a wonderful a day as I had for my 30th and Chris has for hers just this past weekend.

Dave’s 29th birthday is today. For Dave’s birthday last year, we were in Alaska. And though the timing didn’t work out such that it happened on his actual birthday, I booked us an excursion to go up in a helicopter above the Juneau glaciers and into the Icefields because I knew he would love it!

Alaskan Cruise Juneau Icefield Alaskan Cruise Juneau Icefield

Originally this post was going to be all about Dave and his birthday, but I got really stuck. All I could think of writing about was how much I love him. About how much he means to me and how I don’t want to imagine a life for myself that isn’t shared with him. All good stuff of course, but I am not very good at expanding on that. But it’s ok really, because I know he knows and that is what matters.

Happy Birthday to all the May Babies!