Happy Birthday Baby Girl

A year ago today, Dave and I became godparents to the sweetest little girl!

Evelyn is happy and cheery pretty much all of the time and it is next to impossible to not feel the same way when you are with her. She is definitely a little chatter box and when we spent last weekend with her and her brother I spent most of the weekend listening to her babble, helping her walk (a brand new skill she has) and clapping with her and she currently loves clapping.

Happy First Birthday Evelyn!!

Birthday Collage - Evelyn 1 - Stephanie Beach Photography

One Year Older

One year ago today was my (29 + 1)th birthday, which makes me one year older than that today (shh…don’t do the math).

Stephanie Beach Photography Birthday Collage 31

The last couple of years I have done these birthday collages (see year 29 here and 29+1 here) and I have realized that I really enjoy putting them together so I decided to do yet another one this year.

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Birthdays and Baptisms

Prescott Baptism Stephanie Beach PhotographyOur weekends this year are stuffed full of great events, both business and personal. The other weekend was a personal event, well it was actually two because my sister-in-law is awesome and lined up both of her children’s events in one weekend (thanks again!).

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Birthday Wrap-Up

Last weekend was my birthday and I want to start off by thanking everyone for all the lovely birthday cards, emails, phone calls, Facebook message and posts. I also got a great response from my 29 + 1 Birthday Collage. I am so glad everyone likes reading those posts because I enjoy making them. I have gotten asked a lot what we got up to on my Birthday, so I decided to make a follow-up post outlining my fantastic day.

Birthday Collage - 30 - Post

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