Ottawa First Year Milestone + Cake Smash Session: Alice (Alice in One-derland Theme)

How on earth has an entire year already passed since Baby Alice first came into the studio?! I mean, it literally feels like her newborn session was yesterday and somehow, she has already been promoted from Baby Alice to Little Alice because she is one year old and just joined me for her milestone and cake smash session!

I think that’s something I need to get used to with the studio being open for over two years now, just that babies don’t stay babies for long and they get so big so fast!

All of that being said, this cake smash session was so much freaking fun! I loved every second of her Alice in One-derland themed session. It’s a setup that I have seen done before, but I mean, those babies weren’t named Alice, so I think this little one wins 😉

And even though I was literally finishing up props and tweaking the set until the night before her shoot, I am so happy with how it came out (huge thanks to Dave who made me a wooden post for our sign). I also feel like I can confidently say Alice enjoyed the setup as she dove right into it as soon as we unveiled it to her. And by dove right into it, I of course mean, she moved, ate, and destroyed pretty much everything, haha!!

But I suppose I should have seen that coming as it really is what one year olds do best. It’s also the reason the entire setup was covered up prior to that part of her shoot as I knew the second she saw it all she would want nothing to do with regular milestone photos or being held by Mom and Dad for her parent photos.

Speaking of whom, I mean, I got a little sappy talking about our friends Cathy + Andrew in Alice’s newborn shoot post, and I’m not going to go down that road again, but I really have loved watching them (from a distance because of the pandemic of course) during their first year as parents. It is so abundantly clear how much they love this tiny human, and it’s for a pretty darn good reason because she’s pretty amazing and so darn cute! I mentioned that I worked extra hard on her setup, and I would do it again in an instant for these wonderful people!

Side note: I impromptu decided to semi recreate my favourite shot from the newborn parent photos I took with Andrew. When she was a babe I got Alice to grab Dad’s finger while she was all bundled up. And of course, you can’t control a one-year old as well as you can a swaddled, fully asleep newborn, we managed to get a similar shot and I am so very happy with it – yay!