Ottawa First Year Milestone + Cake Smash Session: Alice (Alice in One-derland Theme)

How on earth has an entire year already passed since Baby Alice first came into the studio?! I mean, it literally feels like her newborn session was yesterday and somehow, she has already been promoted from Baby Alice to Little Alice because she is one year old and just joined me for her milestone and cake smash session!

I think that’s something I need to get used to with the studio being open for over two years now, just that babies don’t stay babies for long and they get so big so fast!

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Devin + Bradley

Temple's-Sugar-Bush-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySometimes I struggle with what to write about in these blog posts. It can often be hard to think of things to say that I haven’t already included in a post, or where to draw the line in terms of what stays personal and what goes public. But for Devin + Brad, the hard part about this post is figuring out where to start as there were just so many amazing moments (and photos) throughout their entire wedding day!

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