Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Lifestyle Maternity Session: Katherine + Mike

Hanging out with two of my all-time favourite people in one of my absolutely favourite locations here in Ottawa definitely made for a magical evening. And of course the fact that those 2 people are really 2 + 1 people made it even better!!!

The Ornamental Gardens across from the Ottawa Arboretum really are a somewhat hidden gem in this city. So often when I take clients there they mention that, although the have gone to the Arboretum and therefore been in the area many times, they haven’t really explored the gardens themselves. And although Katherine definitely knew the area from her work, I still really loved sharing this place with them. And I of course loved it even more when the sun and weather are oh so very favourable for us — I mean look at that gorgeous glow throughout their photos!

But when it comes right down it, I don’t think there could have been any sort of weather conditions that would have really gotten these two down for long, I mean, they have already persevered through a wedding on the absolute hottest day of the year back in 2019 (literally, the heat that day broke records)! But thankfully their maternity session was much more pleasant when it comes to the temperature, and even the pandemic behaved itself for the most part as the lockdown lifted allowing to do get outside and get that beautiful baby bump captured!

And of course, I couldn’t help but recreate a shot from their engagement session. Katherine had asked for a photo of her and her love running through a field together, to which I of course extremely happily obliged. And, as it turns out, I love the shot so much that when the opportunity presented itself during their maternity session, we absolutely had to make it happen again!

I can’t wait to meet their little one in just a little while, if not so I can hang out with Katherine + Mike again, then to learn her name as the soon to be Mom and Dad are keeping it under wraps for now (which I totally get to be honest).