Hogs Back Falls + Mooney’s Bay Park Engagement Session: Jessica + Adam

I love how often it is that we have similar stories to our couples, so when I started chatting with Jessica + Adam and I learned that we have so much history in common, I was of course completely elated! But honestly, I would have fallen for these two no matter what we did or didn’t have in common because they are just so incredibly kind and all around adorable!

But let’s get back to that history we both share, shall we. It all came to light when we were chatting about a location for their engagement session. Jessica mentioned that they would love to incorporate the Hogs Back Falls and Mooney’s Bay area as they used to live close by and spent many evening strolling along the trails and falling in love. Well, isn’t it neat that Dave and I also lived in the area when we were still in university, in fact we lived in the same block of townhouses! After graduating to a place of their own, they moved further into Nepean and ended up only a few buildings away from our second place together! Neato!

And every time this happens, because it has happened multiple times now with our couples, I realize that it isn’t that far fetched of an idea. I mean, a lot of university and college goers live around the Hogs Back area. And if you only know that area (meaning the west end), then it would make sense for your next home to also be nearby. But I still get a kick out of it every time and I am pretty sure I always will.

And although our times living in the Hogs Back Falls area were separated by a couple years (okay, maybe more than just a couple – aka Dave and I are getting old), I loved heading back there to be able to capture these photos for such a wonderful couple in a spot that had so much meaning to them, and honestly, a lot of good memories for me too.

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