Petrie Island Lifestyle Family Session: Ella

When I was little my Dad and I would go for these long drives, and we would pretty much always end up watching the geese somewhere. And now, anytime I see them, it instantly reminds me of him. To this day, I actually still call them ‘gooses’ because that it was he and I always called them. But I have to correct myself around little clients as I don’t want to accidentally teach them the wrong word, haha!⁠

But that really wasn’t an issue for Little Ella as she knew exactly what they were and loved pointing them out to us again and again during her family session.

In fact, she pointed out so many things including boats, geese/ducks, bugs, and learned to look up to find planes too. I have done so many session with this little darling and her amazing parents now and somehow they just keep getting better and better! Although the be fair, her sessions from last year almost all resulted in tears by the end due to cake getting on her hands or general exhaustion, so there was really only up to go from there, haha!

But that’s one of the best parts of being a family photographer, getting to see these cute wee babes grow up and develop over the years. From their squishy newborn photos to their often messy first year portraits, little ones can be a little shy. But as they keep growing and learning about the world they really start to open up and we tend to have so much fun together during photos.

And of course, it helps so much when you have a great location complete with animals to watch and water to throw rocks in! Ella even made friends with a buoy, haha! It was the sweetest thing, and that immense smile she got when she would show me things was just so infectious!