Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Ella


It’s pretty special to me when I get to photograph someone from my old career in the private engineering sector. Not only because it allows me to catch up with them, but also because the ones that tend to reach out about doing a session are the ones who understood the desire to leave the company (and possibly even start something of their very own). Lee was definitely one of those people so when she and her husband Ruwan reached out about their little girl’s newborn session I was so freaking excited!

Little Baby Ella was just the cutest thing and she did so well during her session! Like a lot of newborns she needed a little settling, but that tends to happen, and once she was wrapped up in that little potato she fell fast asleep. So much so that the only challenge afterwards was keeping all that beautiful hair in place, haha! So much so that by the end of the session Little Ella would let me pose her more or less however I liked provided there were no hair accessories. Anytime I popped a headband or bonnet on her she was super unhappy, but then nice and chill (and sleepy) as soon as it was gone. Silly girl!

Being able to have my career come full circle is a really neat experience. I really didn’t like my old job (in fact, I think it is safe to say I hated it, especially at the end), but there were some truly wonderful people there and I definitely miss that aspect of things. Being able to reconnect with such kind, funny people like Lee + Ruwan really is a special treat for me, and being able to capture some great photos of their adorable little girl makes an already great time even sweeter!


Wraps + Backgrounds: Stephanie Beach Photography
Felted Heart: Feather and Fern Canada