Petrie Island Lifestyle Family Session: Ella

When I was little my Dad and I would go for these long drives, and we would pretty much always end up watching the geese somewhere. And now, anytime I see them, it instantly reminds me of him. To this day, I actually still call them ‘gooses’ because that it was he and I always called them. But I have to correct myself around little clients as I don’t want to accidentally teach them the wrong word, haha!⁠

But that really wasn’t an issue for Little Ella as she knew exactly what they were and loved pointing them out to us again and again during her family session.

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Petrie Island Maternity Session: The Legaults

Dave and I went coat shopping on Sunday. We originally headed out to get a coat for him, but ended up both getting new winter gear. This turned out to be a very, very good thing as the next morning I had an extremely cold session in the blustering wind. But, I mean, I got to wear my big heavy coat, warm toque and just loads of layers, so I was pretty good. Chantal + Mathieu, and their adorable little girl Mila, on the other hand, had to bear the cold with far less protection and they were such champs about the whole thing!!

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Petrie Island Engagement Session: Renee + Jon

Petrie Island Engagment Session Stephanie Beach PhotographyApparently we attract just the best people as clients. Seriously, everyone we have had the pleasure of working with have been so awesome and Renee and Jon are without a doubt no exception to this fact.

When you meet a couple at a bridal show and spend the whole time chatting about computers and video games instead of weddings, you know you have met not only a great client, but a fantastic couple!

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Petrie Island Engagement Session: Renee + Jon, Sneak Peek

Petrie Island Engagement Session Stephanie Beach PhotographyI am an extremely organized person and kind of a perfectionist. When it comes right down to it, I am pretty much the definition of Type A personality. That may be why I tend to attract the well organized brides, but I like that because I totally get them. Renee is one of those brides who I just get and she also happens to be really sweet.

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