Ottawa Arboretum First Year Portraits + Cake Smash: Ava

Darling Little Ava was just about the cutest little one ever during her cake smash! It took her a second to warm up to the camera, but when she did she brought every ounce of adorable to the shoot! And I mean, that neutral little onesie with her sandals and perfect little hair clip, I mean, come on, too cute!

But what was even better than her mom’s picture perfect styling was the warmth this family has and how much Mom + Dad’s love for their little sweetheart popped on camera … and that cheeky little smile of Ava’s is also pretty amazing, right?!

Also, can I just say, Ava made the perfect amount of mess during the smash itself. She must have known that she had a few more photos left at another spot because she got her hands and face covered in icing to make sure there were some adorable smashing photos, but managed to keep her clothes pretty much spotless. A few quick wipes and we were good to go again! Honestly, I think that’s the first time a full head-to-toe bath wasn’t needed after the cake came out, haha!

It’s funny the difference a day makes though as just one day prior to Ava’s session there was a literal line-up for this spot at the arboretum in front of the flowers. Heading into their session I knew it was the perfect background for this sweet girl and I was so happy that we weren’t going to have to wait at all to be able to use it as for some reason there was pretty much no one at the arboretum that morning (which, if you are a photographer in Ottawa you know is very rare).

And that second location, non other than my absolute favourite: the experimental farm greenhouses! We didn’t stay too long as the intense heat and humidity was starting to roll in⁠, but I love that Tanya mentioned popping over to this location as it was one used during her maternity session and getting that matching photo is just so perfect!