Ottawa Arboretum Outdoor Cake Smash: Zachary

We snuck this session in right before a torrential downpour – literally! The clouds started rolling in and the sky got super dark, so we started packing things up. We wrapped things up with raindrops dripping on us, and as we got up to the parking lot, all the rain came pouring down! And even though, my clothes were pretty drenched, it was a million per cent worth it as it was so much fun to get to catch up with Kristina, Joel, and, of course, the birthday boy himself, Zachary!

Little Zachary was full of energy and really didn’t stop moving for more than a second during his first birthday portraits and cake smash session. In fact, he was so opposed to sitting still that he ended up playing soccer in the middle of things. But he was all smiles as he strolled around and as soon as that cake came out he almost stayed in one place, almost. But of course, that place had to have the cake icing he could smash and slap (and fly about in just about every direction), and a cake he could stab with the random stick he found. He was having so much fun and making such a delightfully giant mess!

Originally Zachary’s session was supposed to be in our studio, but after multiple delays due to the lockdown, Kristina + Joel opted to switch thing up and boy-oh-boy was that ever a good idea because I don’t know if the studio would have had enough walking room for this little dude, haha!

You may notice that it’s been a while since there was a recent blog post around these parts, but after such a long break shooting sessions because of the lockdown, I can’t think of a better way to kick things off that with this loveable, energetic guy!

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  1. What gorgeous pictures of my grandson Zachary. He sure looks like he was enjoying himself. Barb Thompson

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