Cedarhill Golf & Country Club Ottawa Wedding: Karrington + Adam

Wow, we just barely squeezed this wedding day in before everything got super shutdown here in Ontario. And I am sooo glad we did! Karrington + Adam had already changed up their wedding plans so much that I would have hated for them to have to take it down to the barest of bones at the last minute. But that wasn’t needed and they had a beautiful, intimate ceremony surrounded by friends + family and lots of love from those watching at home.

And although their wedding was smaller and cozier than originally planned, it was no less lovely or love-filled. Honestly, every time I talked to another guest or wedding party member, or looked closely at the little details they had throughout their decor, I learned of or noticed another precious moment the couple had chosen to include.

For example, the earrings Karrington wore were her grandmothers and had been worn by her, her mother and now Karrington on their wedding days. That alone would have been enough to check off that borrowed and old category, but that isn’t where it ends for this wedding. The bracelet Karrington wore was her mom’s hairpiece at her wedding, which Karrington’s dad had made into a bracelet for their vow renewal. And since her dad was sadly no longer with them, tokens of his memory and love were very important. The mother of the bride even wore his wedding ring on her bracelet so he would be close by and could be present when she walked their daughter down the aisle. But I have to talk about something else at this point, otherwise by eyes are going to get so tear-filled that I won’t be able to see what I am typing anymore.

Despite all the sweetness this couple infused into their day, and the fact that they are truly two of the nicest, most genuinely thoughtful people ever, Mother Nature decided to give them a day full of rain. And not just a little rain either, tons of rain!! But honestly, no one really let it get them down. Karrington + Adam were easy going about it, and since we found a covered walkway for their first look, we still got some outdoor photos before everything kicked off. That mixed with our updated flash system, and of course our trusty lightsaber, and indoor photos were A-OK all day long. And maybe it was because we had been able to accommodate the indoor setting, or maybe it was just as a wedding gift to this wonderful couple, but right at the end of their coverage, the skies cleared up a teeny bit and a ray of sunshine came shining down on us.

Dave saw it coming, he is always watching the skies for me during our weddings, and very smartly suggested we stick around for a bit to be able to take advantage of it. And I am so glad we did! We tossed a towel on the ground so Karrington’s dress would stay relatively clean (so she can easily wear it for their larger reception next year *fingers crossed*) and we were good to go!!

I am glad Karrington + Adam got their wedding in before the lockdown. Not only because it means they were able to get married in some version that they had chosen, but also because it meant I got to edit the photos of two amazing people the last few weeks, which really was a huge lift for my spirits given all the closures and ickiness. So thank you so much guys for that!

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!)
Venue: Cedarhill Golf & Country Club
Bridal Gown: All That Glitters Bridal Salon
Groom’s Attire: Indochino
Groom’s Shoes: Custom Vans
Florist: Moncion’s Your Independent Grocer
Officiant: Keith Langille of Exceptional Ceremonies

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