Ottawa Studio Newborn Session: Cigi

I have to admit, I haven’t been looking forward to writing this blog post. Not because I don’t like it or the people or anything absurd like that, merely because I just don’t have the words. Much like with Chris + Jason’s wedding post, I am struggling to find the right words to express just how happy everything about this session made me. I spent the last little bit reading Chris + Jason’s wedding blog post as I was hoping to be able to steal bits of it or at least get inspiration from it, but all that has done has made me even more sappy – so I guess that kind of backfired.

Getting to meet, hold and photograph sweet little baby Cigi (short for Cassandra George in case you were wondering), was honestly such an amazing moment. I love getting to photograph all of our friends’ big milestones, but this one was just so extra special because Chris + Jason are such so extra special in our lives.

In their wedding post I talked about how much Chris has meant to both me and my business. She has been one of my all-time biggest supporters in life and in business. She helped me find my confidence when we first became friends and is the reason I had the balls to tell Dave how I felt about him. For the business side of things, she has been a model more times than I can remember, even taking the train from Toronto to Ottawa for a 2-3 hour photography class in which I needed a model and then heading right back as soon as the class was done. It was primarily with her that I learned about posing, both in terms of what poses work but also in how to direct people into those poses. And her willingness to do anything and allow me complete creative control let me test drive so many ideas. So it seems only fitting, that now that I have launched my second business, and needed a model to photograph outfit after outfit, she would bring me her darling little newborn girl for the job!

Cigi absolutely killed this session! I must admit, I didn’t know what we were going to get in terms of photos, because despite still being pretty small, she was two months old! I had done other newborn sessions for 2 month olds before and they had to be wrapped the entire time because they were just so alert and wiggly. And Cigi started that way when it came time for her solo photos, but quickly cooperated and did all the sleepy newborn photos we asked of her — and then some! In fact, her session was 6 hours long. Yes, you read that right, this was a 6 hour long newborn session. But that’s what happens when your bestfriend brings you their super cute, super cooperative baby and lets you do whatever you want in terms of photos.

So we did her parents photos a few special photos Chris + Jason requested, and then ran her through almost the half of our launch collection of Beach Baby Prop Shoppe (and now that I finished editing them I can put even more photos of her on the BBPS website and Etsy store) including a couple items I literally finished up minutes before they pulled into the driveway. And she did so with such ease and grace … and a few extra feeding and cuddle breaks of course. We even had a special video call from Gramma during the session, which was so special and sweet. Also – a special big thanks as Chris even let me put Cigi in some typically boy clothes so I would have product shots. In fact, it was basically, here is my baby, do what is best for your business, which is another example of that amazing support Chris gives to all of her friends!

Okay, so I have been focusing on the more factual elements of the session up until this point, but bear with me for a second because it’s going to get sappy again.

When we photographed their wedding we had known Jason for a while, and we definitely knew he was the perfect match for Chris, but as parents this is proven tenfold (if not more). Getting to see Chris + Jason in their new roles as parents was so special. I always knew Chris would be a unique Mom, and that she is, but the love she has for Cigi is undeniable. She also has the best I maked this face ever in her photos with Cigi, haha! And watching Jason with his darling daughter is so incredibly heart melting. Chris warned me that Jason will happily let us hold and cuddle Cigi, but if we don’t ask, he will also very gladly hold and cuddle her the entire time himself, and really, who could blame him?! I always love Daddy and baby photos, but these ones are extra special for me! I am fairly certain Cigi will be a Daddy’s girl and have him completely wrapped around her little finger, but let’s be honest, I am pretty sure that is already the case.

Quick side note and special thanks to Jason as not only was he up for this session too, but he has never once questioned (to me at least) the fact that he has little to no choice in their wedding and family photographer. Apparently when you get together with Chris you sign up as a Stephanie Beach Photography client at the same time, haha! But seriously, thanks so much Jason. I really appreciate your patience during this whole session (and every other time you guys have stepped in front of my lens).

And as much as I loved the ridiculously long session with Cigi, I loved just getting to cuddle with her after so much more. She is so incredibly darling and was so sweet and wonderful all day long – even with a jealous dog nearby, poor Kaylee. I literally cannot express how excited I am to watch this little one grow up and see the amazing person she becomes.

Beach Baby Prop Shoppe Items:
Beanies, Bonnets + Caps:
Headbands: Daffodil, Stella, Vine, Daisy, Peach Blossom, Buttercup, Blossom (in White)
Outfits: Darla Pants Set in Pink + Blue Floral, David Pants Set in Light Grey Duo-Tone Waffle, David/Darla Pants Set in White
Additional Wraps + Backgrounds

Yellow Background: Freebird Prop Shoppe
Racoon Lovie: Woolen Weasel

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