Ottawa Milestone Sitter Photography Session: Cigi

Wow, where do I even start with this darling little one?! I mean, seriously, Cigi has been my amazing little model since she first came in for her newborn session. She rocked so many backgrounds, headbands, and outfits that I have used her photos time and time again for both my photography business and Prop Shoppe business. In fact, she modeled our number one seller over on the prop shoppe and I definitely think it’s success is partially thanks to her!!

So, when the time came that I wanted to launch a line of prop clothing aimed at sitters (aged in and around that 6 month mark – plus or minus of course), I knew exactly who to call on! And, of course, Little Cigi knocked it out of the park again!!

Now, if you know me, you may also know that this darling little babe also happens to be my bestie’s baby, so I suppose you could say I am a little biased towards thinking she is adorable and all-around amazing, but in my defense, she actually is those things, haha!!

But seriously, she tolerated so many outfit changes and setups. Normally for sessions like these, I might have 3 outfits ready and would expect to get through maybe 2 of them (in addition to some natural photos without outfits). And for setups, there may be 2 major changes with slight alterations throughout. But Cigi whipped through 6 outfits and 4 completely different setups! She even let Kaylee join her in her photos, which just might be more than my cuteness limits can handle!!

I love Cigi’s sessions not only because I get great photos for my businesses, but it gives me such a great look at how much she is growing and learning. Getting to hang out with a baby is great, and you really get to see them develop, but put them in a photo session and you can REALLY see just how much they have learned since you last worked with them. And you get to see a bit of their individuality and independence since they sit on their own and end up choosing what direction they are going to wander off in, haha!

Beach Baby Prop Shoppe Items:
Grace 2-piece Ruffle Outfit + Headband Set in Dusty Pink (coming to the store soon!)
Serena Ruffle Onesie + Headband Set in Peach Blossom (coming to the store soon!)
Shawn Hooded Romper Onesie in Green Waffle + Plaid (coming to the store soon!)
Additional Wraps + Backgrounds

Select Wraps: Freebird Prop Shoppe
Stephanie Beach Photography Teething Ring: Hello Baby LA
Wooden Bowl: Original Photo Blocks