Ottawa Major’s Hill Park Wedding Day Portraits: Mara + Patrick

There have been so many times where I am driving home from a wedding or session and even though it was a gorgeous day, and we got so many amazing photos that I am super excited to get o work on, I get that FOMO when I looked in my rearview mirror and see a stunning sunset in the sky. So, with that in mind, we waited for 20+ minutes at the end of this session to make sure we had taken sunset photos at the peak colour moment for Mara + Patrick’s session!

That’s the added bonus of doing bride + groom portraits separate from your actual wedding day – you don’t have a timeline to stick to! There were no guests waiting inside the venue as I delayed the reception by a few minutes taking those sunset photos, so we could wait it out and see what Mother Nature was going to hand us this evening. Whereas most evenings, I take advantage of downtime between speeches and the sunset light that happens to exist then.

Mara + Patrick were completely game for waiting too. In fact, they were pretty amazing to work with throughout their entire session! We walked around the park and towards the Art Gallery, weren’t thrown for a second when we couldn’t access my normal sunset lookout point behind the gallery (stupid construction!), and were such a delight to be with. In fact, I rambled even more than I normally do because it was so lovely and easy to chat with them both.

So, long story short (as if I am ever good at making long stories short, haha!), if you had an private ceremony during the pandemic, didn’t have enough time for all the photos you wanted on your wedding day, or simply want to put your wedding dress/suit back on and have some more fun, hit me up, because this post-wedding day portrait session was so much freaking fun!!