Winter Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Shannon + Erin

Temples-Sugar-Bush-Winter-Wedding-Ottawa-Perth-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyOh my goodness guys – Shannon + Erin’s wedding was freaking AMAZING!! Honestly, everything about it made me so deliriously happy! And it did so in the windchill-filled, -40 degree, winter weather, it was just that good!

But in case you don’t believe me, you should definitely keep reading because this wedding day just got better and better as the day went along.

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Devin + Bradley

Temple's-Sugar-Bush-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySometimes I struggle with what to write about in these blog posts. It can often be hard to think of things to say that I haven’t already included in a post, or where to draw the line in terms of what stays personal and what goes public. But for Devin + Brad, the hard part about this post is figuring out where to start as there were just so many amazing moments (and photos) throughout their entire wedding day!

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Happy Anniversary Lisa + Bryson

Ottawa Wedding Photography Farm WeddingLisa + Bryson were one of our many rainy weddings last year (thank you very much Mother Nature). We kept them as dry as possible with lots of umbrellas and tree coverage, and you would never know how chilly it was with how they absolutely sizzled in front of the cameras.

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Perth Wedding: Valery + RJ

PerthWedding-StephanieBeachPhotographyI mentioned in their sneak peek how much Valery + RJ loved and appreciated each other and how evident this was throughout their wedding day. From the private looks to the declarations during their speeches and of course, all throughout their portraits, you could really see the heartwarming love they share.

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Perth Wedding: Valery + RJ, Sneak Peek

Perth Wedding Photographer Stewart Park Stephanie Beach Photography V+RJ-3The second wedding of this weekend and our season involved a drive out to Perth. Up until now, I haven’t ventured off of Highway 7 very much when it came to the Perth area, so when we got into the Historic downtown area, we were absolutely floored by the beauty!

Add to that the truly lovely Valery + RJ and their fantastic wedding party, and it was a dream come true!!

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