Ottawa Intimate Backyard Wedding: Julie + Shenfield

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t feeling great heading to Julie + Shenfield’s wedding (don’t worry it wasn’t anything I could pass along). So much so in fact, that I brought Dave along even though he wasn’t booked for the wedding coverage. He came as backup to help carry my gear and in case I couldn’t shoot to my normal quality. Fortunately he wasn’t needed for anything other than being a pack mule, but I of course took advantage of him being there when it came to veil tosses, multi-tasking shots, and those wonderful candid images. I mean, why wouldn’t I, he was there and he is so darn good at it!

But honestly, I think I would have felt just fine once I got to Julie’s family home because everything about this wedding day was so wonderful! The ceremony dรฉcor was lovely, the weather was perfect, and the property was gorgeous! Add to that this amazing family and it really was a photographer’s dream!

I love weddings like Julie + Shenfield’s because I get to use my wedding and family photography in one go! I mean, how amazing is it to have the cutest little batch of family photos right in the middle of your wedding ones?! โ Plus, not only are these kiddos super cute, but they were incredibly well behaved all day long! (and they only had to be given one popsicle and access to their trampoline as a reward!)

I really did love every second of this wedding day! Everyone was so kind and thoughtful, so much so in fact, that Dave and I left with fresh doughnuts to eat on the way home (and yes, they were incredibly good, and gone within 2 minutes of heading out)! Thank you Julie + Shenfield to allowing us to be part of your beautiful day!

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (thatโ€™s us!)
Wedding Planner: Pop-Up Wedding Ottawa
Venue: Private Residence
Bridal Gown: Lulu’s
Groom’s Suit: Tip-Top Tailors
Flowers: Blumenstudio
Officiant: Natalie Joy-Quesnel

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