Beach & Forest Lifestyle Family Session: The McNally’s

Family sessions with little ones can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking for parents. Worrying about whether or not their tiny humans are going to cooperate and have fun during the session, or just have a tantrum. And then if the latter does happen, will they just be done for the entire session, or will they be consolable and come back around? It’s definitely stressful and can make any parent a little anxious. Luckily though, I’m pretty darn good with kids and babies and toddlers tend to like me (fingers crossed that I am not jinxing myself for my upcoming toddler-filled sessions). And that means I am normally able to comfort little ones and make sure they have a great time during their session. And hey, when all else fails, there is always good old fashion bribery (and there’s nothing wrong with that)!

So with all of that said, it didn’t surprise me when little Owen turned out to not be a really big fan of being told what to do during the McNally’s family session.

Baby Sister Lucy was an absolute joy, I mean look at how freaking cute she is!! She was so smiley and content no matter what was going on, and of course Mom + Dad were equally as lovely. But like most toddlers, Little Owen just wanted to play and I think he may have gotten a little overwhelmed with me there with my big camera.

But fortunately for Mom + Dad, and me too, he was actually pretty darn good and would do what I asked for a second or two, which is just long enough for me to grab the shots we wanted. And between that, we threw some rocks in the water, ran around, ate some bear paw (which he very sweetly tried to share with me), and of course, we played with the monkey and puppy puppets which come to almost every session with me (these guys have saved countless family sessions now!). All in all, Big Brother + Baby Sister both did a wonderful job!

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