Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Jonathan

Little Baby Jonathan got a bunch of brand new outfits just for his session. In fact, I was finishing up multiple items late into the evening before his shoot. But the late night and extra sewing was oh so very worth it as this teeny dude was so darn cute and such a trooper during his session!

And as an added bonus, I loved getting to catch up with Rowan + Andrew! I haven’t seen them since their wedding day, which in case you need a refresher was absolutely stunning from start to finish, and it was so nice to be able to touch base and and see how life has been treating them since the big day. And in case you couldn’t tell by the little cutie that has joined their family, life’s been pretty good for them – yay!

I also absolutely love the fact that the dress Rowan brought along for Jonathan’s session was the same one she wore during their engagement session nearly three years ago. Not only was it a great common thread between those two sessions, but it looked just as beautiful on her this time as it did the first time I saw her in it.

Also, quick side note, apparently our brand new Dino Onesie is a huge hit with parents and possibly even our new parent favourite. Each time I have used it, parents have loved seeing their little babe all dressed up like a spiky dino! And since I can’t get enough of either the teeny weeny historic reptiles or the adoring squeals from Mom and Dad, I’ll just have to keep putting them in it!

Jonathan was so darn good for me. He needed a few extra cuddles here or there, but he did a great job settling into each pose long enough to get it tweaked and photographed. He would then let us all know he was done with that one and it was time to move on, but he stayed there long enough to get the shot and that’s what really matters. Good job little buddy!

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