Perth Wedding at Temple’s Country Weddings: Alexandra + Ryan

There are fun weddings, and then there are FUN weddings, and Alexandra + Ryan definitely had the latter!! I was laughing and just genuinely having a blast from the second the girls showed up for bridal prep until the last few minutes we spent with the couple covering their reception and night photos. Alex, Ryan and there entire group of family and friends definitely knew how to have a good time!!

I write a little note file on my phone at every wedding. At some point during the reception, I sit down and make a few notes about the day. Things like wedding colours or vendors that weren’t mentioned in the questionnaire are obvious ones, but I also take note of any special items or moments that are mentioned to me by family members. For example, if something was a family heirloom or has special meaning. I also make notes about all the shenanigans from the day and any great quips from speeches. I do this to not only remember them better, but so I can properly note them in sneak peek posts online and of course, here on the blog.

Well, Alex + Ryan’s wedding was so good that despite said little note file (which was not quite so little come the end of the night), I am still struggling to write this post. Not for lack of ideas, but rather because I have too many! My brain literally just can’t focus on one moment long enough to put it into words. Every time I start writing about this or that, another thing pops into my head, but let me try to focus and get this thing written so you can all share in the hilarity!

Bridesmaid Amy kept me in stitches with her inability to keep her dress clean/dry. She hadn’t even put it on before it had water on it and I swear, every time I turned back to her, there was a new mark on her dress. Then chaos ensued when we tried to kill a wasp or two during prep, and Amy went running from the room. She dropped her phone in the process (no harm was done thankfully), but her priorities were intact as she didn’t spill a drop of her champagne.

As we split up the gals and guys for wedding party photos, the boys took off in the horse drawn buggy. But as there were no horses, they pulled Ryan around themselves. This was apparently the funniest thing ever to me as I literally pulled a myself in my side laughing at them. Seriously, I pulled something and it hurt the rest of the night.

Later on when I put everybody back together for one more full wedding party photo, the guys decided to pick Alex up for everyone’s favourite photo. It went pretty well considering the amount of alcohol that had been drank (or is it drunk?) at this point – good job everyone! But then, the ladies decided they would pick Ryan up. This did not go as smoothly. They discussed how to do it, got all set up, and then dropped Ryan straight forward. Now, I was a million per cent ready for this one, when they started picking him up, I lightly pushed Dave out of my shot and told him ‘move, I have to get a shot of him falling’ (there was an implied please in there somewhere). It literally happens each and every time bridesmaids try to pick up grooms. I am not sure if it is a lifter or liftee issue, but seriously, the groom ends up on the ground, every single time.

Oh and at the end of the night, Alex’ brother Nick made everyone cry with laughter with his amazing dance moves. Well, everyone except his girlfriend who found the whole thing less than entertaining as she watched from the sidelines. I feel like she has seen the whole scene before, haha! But honestly, hilarious moves, including the worm. I mean, the worm guys!

There were many more moments that I made note of in my little file, but I just don’t have the time to write them all out, and let’s be honest, most of you don’t want to keep reading (unless you were at the wedding, or know them of course). But let’s just all agree that is was hilarious and every weddings should have shenanigans in it to some degree because they just make the day so wonderfully funny and memorable!!

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!)
Venue + Catering: Temple’s Country Weddings
Bridal Gown + Bridesmaids’ Dresses: With Love Bridal
Groom + Groomsmen’s Suits: Jimmy’s Suits
Make-up Artist: Beauty by Butler
Hair Stylist: Courtney Noel
Flowers: Kelly’s Flowers
Baker: Irina Shainski
Officiant: Gord Marriage
DJ: Driftwood Music

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