Perth Stewart Park Wedding: Tori + Jarred

I remember falling in love with this park the very first time I visited it. I instantly thought it would be so lovely to have a wedding in Stewart Park, and now many years later, we have captured multiple weddings and/or wedding day portraits (in addition to engagement and family sessions) and yet, I am just as much in love with the area as I was on the first visit.

So when Tori + Jarred changed up their wedding day plans and decided to have their entire day in the park I was 100% on board!

The pandemic changed a lot of wedding days. Pretty much every couple getting married since March 2020 has had to make changes to their guest list, and what can and cannot take place during the big day. For others it also included a date change (or two or three), and even location changes to be able to accommodate their new restrictions. For Tori + Jarred, a location change was needed and their guest list went from all who could attend to an intimate group of family and friends. But those changes didn’t dampen anyone’s day, and neither did the sprinkle of rain we got leading up to the day and then again for a few minutes during their portraits.

I think one of the things I will remember most about Tori + Jarred’s relaxed wedding day was just how much talk their was of puppies. Not only was there a remembrance token of their dog on Tori’s bouquet, but the couple were heading down to southwestern Ontario immediately following their wedding reception to be able to pick up their brand new puppy the very next day. There was so much talk of doggos that it was actually appropriate to talk about our pup Kaylee (and even whip out a photo of her during the reception).

But what I think Jarred will remember most, other than marrying his beautiful bride of course, is Dave nimbly jumping up rocks and across the stream to be able to get the best vantage point for photos. I must admit, I am so used to Dave’s height (and the fact that it is all in his legs), that I forget that most people can’t stretch as far or reach as high as he can. But I definitely take advantage of it when it comes to asking him to go out onto rocks in the middle of rivers/streams, etc. to get photos for me (and for our couples), haha!