Stewart Park & Code’s Mill Wedding: Michelle + Colin

Codes-Mill-Stewart-Park-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWow, somehow it is only June and yet Dave and I have already captured some truly gorgeous weddings of some of the very best people ever!! Every year we get luckier and luckier with the couples we have as they really are just the bestest ever and I am so eternally grateful that we get to work with them all! And of course Michelle + Colin were no exception. Not only are they super adorable and all around gorgeous people, but they are sweet, thoughtful and funny! I loved basically everything about their wedding day!

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Stewart Park Winter Engagement Session: Kaitlin + Andrew

Stewart-Park-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI love getting to shoot in the same location during different seasons. It’s almost like getting to photograph there for the very first time as everything just looks so different. Especially when it is an area that has been designed to have something for every season, like Stewart Park has. A few gorgeous, pink blossoms trees in the Spring, tons of green foliage (and willow trees!) in the Summer, my favourite deciduous trees in the Fall for all those wonderful colours, and beautiful wide open spaces mixed with the flowing water in the winter. And of course, all of the architectural details throughout the park help out year round.

So all of this means that no matter what time of the year a client asks to do their session there, I am 100% up for it! In fact, I was super excited to head back there when Kaitlin + Andrew requested it for their engagement session.

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Stewart Park & Downtown Perth Engagement Session: Lindsay + Shawn

Stewart-Park-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyOver the last couple years we have started capturing more and more weddings in the Ottawa Valley. Most of these are in Perth and the nearby area, and I honestly couldn’t be happier about this as the area is absolutely gorgeous!!

The nature in the area is stunning and the little town of Perth itself is so adorable! It also has one of my favourite parks of all time in it – Stewart Park. Which, as luck would have it, happens to be where Lindsay + Shawn wanted to do their engagement session.

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Westport & Perth Winter Wedding: Erica + Ryan, Sneak Peek

Perth Stewart Park Winter Wedding Photography Stephanie Beach Photography 01Mind over matter they always say and I definitely took that to heart at the end of last week as our adorable nephew seemed to have passed along a cold over the holidays. But I had a wedding to shoot and I wasn’t going to let myself be sick so anytime I would have said, “I’m sick”, instead I said, “I am going to be so sick on Sunday”. And as luck would have it, it worked (although it didn’t really wait until Sunday, as it hit me hard on the drive home).

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Perth Wedding: Valery + RJ

PerthWedding-StephanieBeachPhotographyI mentioned in their sneak peek how much Valery + RJ loved and appreciated each other and how evident this was throughout their wedding day. From the private looks to the declarations during their speeches and of course, all throughout their portraits, you could really see the heartwarming love they share.

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