Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Katherine + Mike

Temples-Sugar-Bush-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe’ve had some pretty hot weddings, and although Katherine + Mike’s day wasn’t the hottest on record for us, it was a very, very close second! But all’s well that ends well and this wedding ended very well as at the end of the day these two absolutely wonderful people were married!

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Devin + Bradley

Temple's-Sugar-Bush-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySometimes I struggle with what to write about in these blog posts. It can often be hard to think of things to say that I haven’t already included in a post, or where to draw the line in terms of what stays personal and what goes public. But for Devin + Brad, the hard part about this post is figuring out where to start as there were just so many amazing moments (and photos) throughout their entire wedding day!

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Ottawa Wedding Show, Spring 2018

OWS-S18-78-SBPWe have been attending the Ottawa Wedding Show for a few years now and I have yet to be disappointed with the quality of the show or the return on investment for us, but this year was even more amazing than previous years.

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Mandi + Marc

temples-sugar-bush-fall-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-leaves-colour-bride-groomSometimes wedding days feel like they last forever and other times they fly by so quickly. Neither is necessarily good or bad, but when you get to work with a couple as amazing as Mandi + Marc, you definitely aren’t hoping for the latter.

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Mandi + Marc, Sneak Peek

temples-sugar-bush-fall-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-leaves-colour-bride-groomIn the post for Mandi + Marc’s engagement session I guessed that their wedding was going to be a highlight of the season and I was oh so right!!

These two are super fun, full of laughter and such a hoot to be around and their wedding day was chock-full of the same things!

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