Ottawa Studio Cake Smash + First Year Portraits: Felix

I must admit, I love our repeat clients. That probably seems like a pretty obvious statement, I mean, of course I love repeat clients that’s just basic business-sense, duh! But what I mean by this is that I LOVE our repeat clients because they are just the best people ever! They are all just so wonderful to spend time with and it has been a real honour to capture their family’s over the years. And I can think of no better example than Chandra + Yan, and their now two adorable little ones Josie + Felix!

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Almonte Farm Lifestyle First Year Portraits & Cake Smash Family Session: The Kealeys

When we were planning this session Mariah + I were trying to come up with a location where we could do both Family photos and Little Milo’s cake smash photos all while not having either of her boys get too distracted by the surroundings. And I have come to realize that this is actually a pretty tricky task. Anything that would be fun for candid family photos later on in a session, would likely result in distraught kiddos before that point. Luckily though, they still had access to the unbelievably gorgeous private farm that we used for Milo’s newborn session last year.

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Ottawa First Year Milestone + Cake Smash Session: Alice (Alice in One-derland Theme)

How on earth has an entire year already passed since Baby Alice first came into the studio?! I mean, it literally feels like her newborn session was yesterday and somehow, she has already been promoted from Baby Alice to Little Alice because she is one year old and just joined me for her milestone and cake smash session!

I think that’s something I need to get used to with the studio being open for over two years now, just that babies don’t stay babies for long and they get so big so fast!

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Ottawa Arboretum First Year Portraits + Cake Smash: Ava

Darling Little Ava was just about the cutest little one ever during her cake smash! It took her a second to warm up to the camera, but when she did she brought every ounce of adorable to the shoot! And I mean, that neutral little onesie with her sandals and perfect little hair clip, I mean, come on, too cute!

But what was even better than her mom’s picture perfect styling was the warmth this family has and how much Mom + Dad’s love for their little sweetheart popped on camera … and that cheeky little smile of Ava’s is also pretty amazing, right?!

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Ottawa Arboretum Outdoor Cake Smash: Zachary

We snuck this session in right before a torrential downpour – literally! The clouds started rolling in and the sky got super dark, so we started packing things up. We wrapped things up with raindrops dripping on us, and as we got up to the parking lot, all the rain came pouring down! And even though, my clothes were pretty drenched, it was a million per cent worth it as it was so much fun to get to catch up with Kristina, Joel, and, of course, the birthday boy himself, Zachary!

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