Ottawa Studio Newborn Session: Luka

I had a huge list of props, poses and outfits for Baby Luka. And this was after having cut it in half when I was prepping the studio. I was certain he wouldn’t get through it all, since the list was seriously massive, but not only was I determined to do as much as possible, I really couldn’t bear to go without any of the options.

Now to be fair, I do always over prep so that I am ready for both the worst case scenario, where they want nothing to do with non-swaddled photos, and best case scenario, where they are sleepy the entire time and fall into every pose effortlessly. So yeah, having more ready to go than I know we will get through is normal, but it had been so long since I had a baby boy in the studio that I really struggled choosing what items to use and what not to use.

Luckily though, Baby Luka was a dream and although he had a couple feedings during his session, he did an absolutely wonderful job with almost everything I had prepped for him. Plus, his parents were absolute pros in front of the camera and the way they stared at and held their little baby was just so heartwarming.

Add to that the fact that Baby Luka pretty much fell perfectly into a sometimes tricky pose and I was in newborn photographer heaven! The little dude even let me try out one of my prototype outfits on him, so yeah, to say I was happy with how this session went would definitely be an understatement, haha!

Beach Baby Prop Shoppe Items:
Dino Onesie + Bonnet (coming to the store soon!)
Birch Sleeper Cap in Off-White
Custom Name Beech Beanie
Additional Wraps + Backgrounds

Birch Bark Bowl: Original Photo Blocks Props
Background + Wrap: Freebird Prop Shoppe
Background + Wraps: Hello Little Props
Heart Lovie: Feather and Fern Canada

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