Ottawa First Year Milestone + Cake Smash Session: Faris

I am sure I have said it before but, it ends up being 50/50 as to whether or not the birthday boys and girls who come into the studio to celebrate actually smash in their cakes. In fact, it’s so hit and miss that I sometimes think it’s a little odd to call it’s cake smash as it’s just as likely to be a cake ‘meh’. But Little Faris definitely knew what to do when his parents sat him down next to his cake as he got right into it without any hesitation or delay!

And when big brother Adam came in to join him, he too got right into the cake smashing, and eating, fun! Now, that isn’t to say that the smashing was all that energetic, as it was really just a lot of squishing and tons of eating as both boys really enjoyed the delicious treat. I mean, I would too if someone gave me a cake that was about half my size and just let me go at it, but I do have a rather large sweet tooth, haha!

And even though the energy levels came down a bunch during the cake portion of the event, I would still dare to say that this was the most energetic first year session I have ever had in the studio. The birthday boy himself was pretty chill the whole time, and was so good at finding the camera and letting me capture some shots of those beautiful big brown eyes of his. But the chill thing cannot be said for big brother Adam as he was full of so much energy! Honestly, if we could have found a way to bottle it up I think he could have provided enough energy for all of Ottawa, or at least Barrhaven, haha. But who could blame him really, there’s so much excitement in a session like this one, and of course, there were balloons after all.