Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn Session: Emryk

When I photographed Little Callie’s newborn session a couple years ago, I captured some of my favourite family photos of the time. And now that I was lucky enough to go back for her little baby brother Emryk’s session, the same is equally true! I adore so many of the photos from this session – almost as much as I adore this absolutely wonderful family!

And even though Big Sister Callie pretty much stole the show with her head full of curls, that cheeky smile and inability to sit still for even a millisecond, Baby Emryk did an equally amazing job throughout the entire session. I mean, how could he not have with all that cuteness — those cheeks are just so darn squishable, just like his sister’s were at his age!!

Emryk really was such a good baby! He barely fussed at all and even when he started to squeak, he would settle down just as quickly as soon as he was back in his Mom’s arms. He didn’t even seem to mind Callie’s endless energy as she leapt and ran around the rooms. But let’s be honest, it likely didn’t bother him because she probably does this all day every day (am I right Marie-France + Robert), so really it wasn’t anything new for him, haha!

Also, I think I just have to mention quickly my favourite little element from this family session: Kramer. I just love how he nestled his way into so many photos, whether it be curled up on a lap, in front of his humans, are hidden under a crib, he definitely made sure to stay close to his people and make his presence ever so slightly know, you know so he could be sure to get pets.

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