Gatineau Lifestyle Newborn Session: Callie


Picking out a name for your child seems so intimidating to me. I mean, this is what you kid will be called for the rest of their lives (assuming they don’t absolutely hate it and end up changing it when they are legally able to). The name they will hear, sign and say again and again as they go through their daily routines. It is even the name others kids with manipulate to be able to make fun of them (and you can never think of all the things other kids may come up with to try to protect your child). So the idea of picking out a good one really does seem just so incredibly daunting to me.

But Marie-France + Robert thought of not only a beautiful name for their little one, but they found one that was based on a wonderful fictional character that will be a great role model for their girl as she grows up.

Callie is such a gorgeous name, in my opinion. And the character this little girl is named after (Callie Torres from Grey’s Anatomy) is such a great female character too! She is obviously a gorgeous person (the actor, Sara Ramirez, really is beautiful) but more importantly, she is a strong, powerful, smart women who leads by example. Of course, this show is a television drama so you have to look at the overall character and not every single episode, because, let’s face it, Grey’s Anatomy is not how a real hospital would operate – I mean, they would never get actually get anything done.

I had such a wonderful morning with this wonderful family and Callie really couldn’t be any more adorable! Marie-France + Robert are such kind, thoughtful people who are going to be freaking fantastic parents. Callie got a great name, and a great set of parents – what a truly lucky girl!