Ottawa City Hall Engagement Session: Jane + Vince

Ottawa-City-Hall-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI pretty much always have a great time at sessions. In fact, I am having a hard time thinking of a session that I didn’t enjoy (I guess I am pretty darn lucky, eh?!). But there are definitely some sessions that are the absolute most fun (aka funnest), and Jane + Vince’s engagement shoot was definitely one of those!!

I had such a great time that the three of us ended up chatting for quite a while after we were done with the actual photos. I loved getting to just be myself (well a slightly more extroverted version of myself as I still had to be out of the house and all), and getting to chat about all sorts of random things from childhood and inappropriate stories, to all things Blizzard.

Although I will say there was at least one thing I couldn’t quite wrap my head around – the fact that Jane had completed the Army Run that morning and yet still somehow had the energy to do a session and look so good while doing it! Seriously, how is that even a thing?! I had gone for a moderate length walk earlier that day and, if I’m being honest, I could have been done with exercising for the day.

But, despite the inability to understand her enjoyment of running, I loved hanging out with Jane + Vince and getting to capture their engagement photos was just oh so much fun! I am really looking forward to getting to work with them again, because somehow I just know it will be even better!!