Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn Session: Dominic

When it comes to big brothers and sisters, I have so far found that it is about 50/50 as to whether or not they are interested in their new baby’s newborn session. And for those that aren’t into the shoot, it is another 50/50 as to whether or not they are happy about the whole thing. For Baby Dominic’s in-home session, Big Sister Caroline was on the not so great side of both of those odds as she wasn’t really interested in the session and also not happy about someone being around the family.

But we made it work nonetheless. And Dominic’s immense adorableness and super sleepiness more than made up for the incredibly stern face Caroline gave me all day long (seriously guys, she was shooting , me so many daggers — if looks could kill!), and her answer to basically everything was of course, ‘no’. Although, I will say, my trusty finger puppets, and even the newborn lovies, came in handy again as Caroline found them oh so very entertaining (although it was truly heartbreaking when she broke right down when I had to take them home with me at the end of the shoot).

But I think my favourite moment of the shoot was when Caroline turned into my super awesome helper. As I did some hybrid lifestyle-‘studio’ posing with Dominic (who was so good during it all), Caroline kept grabbing posing bean after posing bean from my bag of tricks and asking where she could put them. She was actually really good at putting them in place too as she actually tucked them under things and jammed them under her brother, rather than just sitting them on him which was how I first thought it would go, haha.

And Baby Dominic slept through the whole thing, well, he slept right up until the end of his session when he realized he was super hungry and therefore done with this whole photography session thing. But his timing was perfect really as, even with a grumpy toddler, we got through so many great shots of this darling family.

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