SOOC #17

It has been a while since I last did a SOOC (straight of out camera) post. Today I am sharing one of a photo Dave took of me and I edited.

SOOC Stephanie Beach Photography

As I mentioned in the blog post about the shoot, I was a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I am really happy with how the photos came out. I did my best to treat the photos the same as I would any other shoot and not over edit or post-process them. So the edit you see above is pretty simple. The original shot is on the left and as you can see the edited version on the right is just a little brighter. I added some light to the shadows as this shoot was done with all natural light and the we had to fight the clouds to get some sunshine. I guess the pinks got a bit more saturated too, but that was more a byproduct of lightening the shot than an actual attempt to increase the saturation of the photo.