Perth Wedding: Valery + RJ, Sneak Peek

Perth Wedding Photographer Stewart Park Stephanie Beach Photography V+RJ-3The second wedding of this weekend and our season involved a drive out to Perth. Up until now, I haven’t ventured off of Highway 7 very much when it came to the Perth area, so when we got into the Historic downtown area, we were absolutely floored by the beauty!

Add to that the truly lovely Valery + RJ and their fantastic wedding party, and it was a dream come true!!

From the very moment we arrived, it was abundantly clear how much Val + RJ love each other. But what was also obvious, was how much they appreciate each other. It was this last part that really touched me throughout their wedding day as every time they looked at one another, you could see this appreciation amongst all the love and warmth. It was such a joy to be able to capture these moments for them all day long.

 Perth Wedding Photographer Stewart Park Stephanie Beach Photography V+RJ-1

Their wedding day was so beautiful and touching and the rest of their images really show how much they care for one another.