Ottawa Arboretum Picnic Engagement Session: Sabrina + Jeff, Sneak Peek

Arboretum-Picnic-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyAfter a fantastic, albeit exhausting and slightly wet, wedding weekend, I got to spend my Monday morning with these two amazing people. And not only did I get to walk around the always lovely Ottawa Arboretum with Sabrina + Jeff, but we also enjoyed a delightful (and very delicious) little picnic under a big weeping willow tree. I really can’t think of a better way to have started off my week.

The original idea for the picnic theme for their session spawned from a quick chat about whether they preferred urban or rural locations when spending time together. Once they mentioned the word picnic I was all over it like, well like an ant at a picnic to be honest (sorry I couldn’t resist).

When it comes to having an engagement session with a theme and/or props, I always suggest couples do half of their session with that and half as a regular engagement session (free of props and a theme). That way they get the best of both worlds and in this case, Sabrina + Jeff have wonderful photos from our walk around the park and adorable images from their little picnic under the willow tree.


A big thank you goes out to Sabrina + Jeff who really embraced the picnic idea so well and brought along lots of delightful props and decor and of course, all of that scrumptious picnic food. And despite the joke I made earlier, the bugs weren’t actually as bad as I was thinking they might be. There were a couple ant visitors of course, and even more obviously, I got bit by a few mosquitoes, but really it was pretty good.

And if all of that wasn’t wonderful enough – let’s just all enjoy this classic solitaire diamond engagement ring sitting on top of a truly delicious raspberry scone (which was absolutely delicious and as an FYI was from Art-Is-In Bakery)!!