Lago Bar & Grill Restaurant Wedding: Jennifer + Kyle, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Lago-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ring-invitationSo any bride planning their big day knows that they need to have a Plan B in case of rain (assuming you are doing at least some portion of your day outdoors), and Jenn was prepared with that Plan B. She had discussed it with her wedding planner and us as her photographers. Her ceremony was indoors so no worries there, and we had lots of umbrellas and towels/sheets (to stand on and keep her dress dry) at the ready should the showers come during their first look and portraits. But what do you do when it hails – in August?

I was just heading out of the Arc Hotel with the ladies when the torrential downpour hit. And we were nearly at the Arboteum when the rain lead the limo driver to pull over on the side of road. This also happened to be when the hail started. That’s right – hail in Ottawa – in August!! We eventually made it to the Arboretum where we were supposed to do Jenn + Kyle’s first look and portraits, but the weather meant Dave and I made plans to shift to our Plan B location for the first look as it was covered from the majority of the rain.

And as we waited a few minutes to ensure the weather was in fact going to require that location swap, the ladies enjoyed some lovely champagne in the relatively dry limo while Kyle hung out in our car. Where were the groomsmen you ask? Well they were in the public bathroom wringing out their coats and drying them under the hand dryer. The umbrellas helped, but the rain was definitely so intense that they still got pretty wet! Thankfully those towels got put to good use to help in their drying efforts.

All of this may sound like an absolute disaster, but these guys took it all in stride and chose to embrace the poor weather rather than fight it. They let their team of wedding professionals do our jobs and trusted us all to take care of them and deliver them an equally beautiful wedding day to the one they had originally envisioned. And all the while, Jenn + Kyle were not only stunning to look at, but just oh so sweet and very much in love!


Lucky for us, the sky dried up long enough for us to still get some outdoor shots, and even better than that was the gorgeous sunset that the crazy weather brought us! The intense colours in the sky and the reflections off of the Dow’s Lake was absolutely breathtaking!! And that of course, leads to an extra special sneak peek as I can’t help but share one of the images we got from that dramatic sunset.


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