Fairmont Chateau Laurier Wedding: Melissa + Rami

Ottawa-Notre-Dame-Chateau-Laurier-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI have been putting off writing this blog post for so long now, but not because I don’t like writing or any of those sorts of reasons, no, I have been putting it off because there were so many amazing things that happened during Melissa + Rami’s wedding that I honestly don’t even know where to start! So, since these two truly wonderful people will be getting their photos a little later today, I figured I should probably get this post done so I just started at the beginning (a very good place to start).

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Lago Bar & Grill Restaurant Wedding: Jennifer + Kyle

Ottawa-Lago-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-confederation-park-dows-lakeWhen I showed up at the Arc Hotel to start Jenn’s bridal prep I walked into a room of cool, calm and collected ladies (and one of the cutest flowergirls ever, who let me know exactly who her mommy was and that I was not to steal her). They were all just so relaxed and positive, it was an absolutely joy to be around. Mix that with the absolutely stunning details Jenn had set aside for me (look at those shoes!!!) and it was definitely the absolute best way to start a wedding day.

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Strathmere Inn Wedding: Jennifer + Bergil

Strathmere-Inn-DIY-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bridal-detailsI am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but one of my absolute favourite parts of aΒ wedding day is when I get to play with all of the bride’s details during her prep. There are not only lots of shiny things, but I am more often than not just left alone to do my thing as everyone else has their own stuff to do to get ready for the big day. Normally this part of my day lasts for may be 10 or 15 minutes, sometimes a little longer if they have a lot of items and I arrived extra early. But for Jenn + Bergil’s wedding I got to play with all the gorgeous jewelry and her stunning dress for over 45 minutes and I was in absolute heaven!!

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Lago Bar & Grill Restaurant Wedding: Jennifer + Kyle, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Lago-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ring-invitationSo any bride planning their big day knows that they need to have a Plan B in case of rain (assuming you are doing at least some portion of your day outdoors), and Jenn was prepared with that Plan B. She had discussed it with her wedding planner and us as her photographers. Her ceremony was indoors so no worries there, and we had lots of umbrellas and towels/sheets (to stand on and keep her dress dry) at the ready should the showers come during their first look and portraits. But what do you do when it hails – in August?

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Strathmere Inn Wedding: Jennifer + Bergil, Sneak Peek


I try not to schedule too many double header wedding weekends for us as they make for very slow moving days afterwards as my body recuperates (two weddings in a row leads to some extremely sore feet and legs, and perhaps more importantly, a brain that doesn’t really function at full capacity). But when I met with Jenn I just knew we had to be a part of her and Bergil’s wedding day, and I am so glad we were!

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