Strathmere Inn Wedding: Jennifer + Bergil, Sneak Peek


I try not to schedule too many double header wedding weekends for us as they make for very slow moving days afterwards as my body recuperates (two weddings in a row leads to some extremely sore feet and legs, and perhaps more importantly, a brain that doesn’t really function at full capacity). But when I met with Jenn I just knew we had to be a part of her and Bergil’s wedding day, and I am so glad we were!

Dave and I were literally greeted with open arms from the very instant we arrived at the Strathmere Inn on Jenn + Bergil’s wedding day. And that feeling of warmth and friendship was carried throughout their entire wedding day. As they mentioned during their speech, the couple handpicked each and every one of their guests to help them celebrate the start of their married life together and we were so incredibly honoured to be among them and to help them capture all the moments and details of this wedding.

And seriously was this day ever gorgeous!! The bride and her entourage (with some help from the groom and the rest of the guys too of course) had put together the decor themselves and it was so well done! Honestly, if I hadn’t known otherwise, or watched them as they finished setting up, I would have thought a team of professional planners had put it all together!

But what was even better than getting to shoot all of the details that were involved in this wedding, was getting to work with this amazing couple. Jenn was breathtakingly beautiful and the way she and Bergil looked at each other was simply heart-warming. There truly is something magical about a couple who have been together since grade 9 and still can’t get enough of one another!!


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