Tuesday’s Top Tips: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself about your Wedding Photographer

5-Questions-to-ask-Yourself-about-your-Wedding-Photographer-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThere seem to be a million posts about what to ask your wedding photographer. I am pretty sure I have even written on the subject before. Everything ranging from what their packages are to what sort of backup equipment they have, finding what questions to ask them isn’t that hard. And although those are great tips, and you definitely should have a list of questions that matter to you prepared for when you sit down with your possible photographer, I think the better thing to think about is what should you be asking yourself about your photographer.

So with that in mind, here are 5 questions I believe you should ask yourself before you sign that photography contract.

  1. Do you like their work?
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you Google Ottawa Wedding Photographer, you are instantly flooded with an endless sea of options. So much so that it can be completely overwhelming! And even though you had a picture in your head of what you want your photos to look like, that picture can get a little blurry with all the various styles and approaches. So when you actually meet with a photographer, look at their work again, and try to take a step back and compare it to the style you envisioned.
    Also, if you like their work but would like them to change this or that (e.g. edit a little darker/lighter or you want them to use more/less natural light/off-camera light, etc.), then you should probably look for a photographer who does those things from the get-go. Could a photograph shoot or edit differently to meet your desires, probably, but should they, no! Most photographers have a defined style for a reason, and most often than not, that style comes as second nature to them. That means that their brain power on your wedding day is focused on getting you creative and beautiful images. Having to be constantly thinking of the different style or approach you requested throughout your wedding day is going to result in them not being able to do their job organically and it will show in the resulting images.


  1. Do they offer what you are looking for?
    No two wedding days are exactly alike, but there are typical time-frames and options that can meet the needs of many different weddings. So does your photographer have a package that meets your needs, and if they don’t do they offer custom collections to cover your day perfectly? This is also the time to bring up any special requests or things of note to make sure they are also included.
  1. Do you trust them?
    There is so much going on during a wedding day that you definitely don’t have time to be directing a photographer all day (nor should you have to). So it is super important to find someone you trust completely to capture your wedding and bring their A-game on the big day. You need to trust that they will not only be in the right spots and capturing the highlights of the day, but also all those little details and candid moments that happen as well. You need to be confident that they will be able to cover you no matter what happens and that they will have a Plan B (or C, D or Z if needed). And you definitely need to trust their artistry. Photographers (and most art-based vendors really) do their best when you give them creative freedom, so find someone you can trust and then give them the room to do their thing!


  1. Are they excited about your wedding day?
    When you met with your photographer and told them the details of your day, did they seem excited? If you have a special moment or detail that you are super pumped about, it is really great if they are excited too. That’s not to say their excitement needs to match your own, this is your wedding day after-all, but they should definitely be happily on-board. And if they aren’t keen on your most favourite elements on your day, then they may not be the right fit.
  1. Do you like them?
    In my opinion, this is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. There are only a few wedding vendors that you actually spend time with on the wedding day itself and your photographer is definitely one of them! They are with you pretty much your whole day, and although they are working and you aren’t having a sit-down chat with them or anything like that, it is still so important that they aren’t dragging you down in any way. I’m not saying you need to be besties, but you do need to feel comfortable around them and be able to mesh with them and their personality. And honestly, when it comes right down to it, your photographer wants to work with couples they mesh with too as, if they are anything like us, capturing wedding days is so much fun when we are working with the right people!


And remember, if at any point you realize that you and your photographer aren’t the right fit for one another, then politely let them know and find someone who is perfect for you. 9 times out of 10, if you aren’t feeling it, they aren’t either.

When it comes right down to it, you need to mesh with your photographer(s). You need to enjoy their company and trust their artistic vision and approach to capturing your day. You need to feel confident that they are going to help you look your best throughout your day and provide you with images that you will absolutely love now, and many years down the road.


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