Our Photo Booths

Ottawa-Photobooth-Wedding-Events-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe’ve offered Photo Booths as part of our services for quite a while now, but just as this last wedding season was getting started we did a complete overhaul of our system and I am so incredibly happy with how it has come out!!

Photo Booths aren’t new to the wedding and event scene in these parts. So much so, that most people know how they work – you walk into the booth, grab some props and take a few fun photos. When it comes down to it, they all work the same in that they provide your guests with some entertainment and photos from your event.


The difference between the various Photo Booth options out there really comes down to the quality of the booth and the experience itself, and I like to think that the newest version of our booth has both of those things in spades!

Our Photo Booth is the perfect way to get your guests in front of our cameras and let them have some added fun! Whether you are adding a Photo Booth to your wedding reception or event coverage, they help keep the party going while creating a keepsake for your guests that they will love.

The open-air design of the Photo Booth allows you to get everyone in the picture! It also means it takes up less room in your space so there is still loads of room for dancing and partying! The natural and sleek design of our booth means it will look great at your event and its handmade quality means it truly is one-of-a-kind (in other words your guests haven’t seen this one anywhere else!).

Our ever-growing collection of quality backgrounds come in a variety of colours that are sure to compliment your event decor wonderfully.  And super fun props are always included – hats, glasses, bow-ties, mustaches, lips and of course, feather boas! We’re always on the look-out for new and exciting props which means our collection is never quite the same from event to event. And you can always add in custom props to suit your event perfectly!


Our included Social Media Kiosk allows your guests to access their photos right away. Once they are done in the Photo Booth, they can view the images on our Kiosk and email themselves copies right at the event! Add On-Site Printing to allow your guests to walk away from your event with a print-out of their photos. Choose from one of our beautiful standard templates or we can design a custom template with you prior to the event to compliment your decor and designs.

After the event, let us host your images in one of our Online Galleries so your guests can relive the night! These password-protected sites allow you and your guests to download high resolution versions of the photos taken in the booth.

Our Photo Booth really is the perfect addition to any event. So grab a prop, strike a pose and have some fun!!