Major’s Hill Park & Ottawa Locks Engagement Session: Michelle + Colin


A Plan B is one of the most important things I think you can have when planning your wedding. Normally the backup plan is in case it rains. So considering things like, where your outdoor ceremony will be moved to, and what indoor or covered location can you use for your family photos, etc. For us it often includes whipping out our collection of umbrellas, towels and things to put under long dresses to keep them off the ground (as much as possible at least). We have been doing this for a while now and we pretty much know the options for when the weather is less than desirable on a wedding day.

But what about an engagement session? Well, more often than not, our couples decide to reschedule their session for a less wet day. Other times we roll with it and get some different (and cool) images. Either way, there are still loads of options. So what Plan B do you whip out when you show up to your engagement session location and there is a huge festival being set up right smack dab in the middle of it? Because that is exactly what happened to Michelle + Colin’s engagement session a little earlier this month.

And what did we do, you ask? We rolled with it and worked around the fact that more or less the entire park had to be avoided. And while we were at it, we also avoided the massive construction cranes and crews demolishing the Chateau Laurier parking lot. And even though I had a pretty different plan for their session when I was driving downtown, I truly believe that if I hadn’t told you, you never would have noticed.

This is mostly because of two things: 1) Ottawa is gorgeous and there are seemingly endless options for great photo locations, and 2) Michelle + Colin were absolutely amazing in front of our cameras! Honestly, I think they could have created gorgeous images wherever we took them!

I absolutely loved spending the evening walking around the park and canal with these two incredibly sweet people. And even more than that, I loved being able to photograph this part of their story for them, because honestly, this session was nothing less than amazing!


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