Ottawa Event Photography: Make-A-Wish Rope for Hope 2018

Make-A-Wish-Rope-for-Hope-2018-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-charity-event-ottawa-brookstreet-hotel-over-the-edgeDave and I really do love all of the Make-A-Wish events we get to be a part of, but I think, without a doubt, our favourite one each and every year is Rope for Hope. Not only is it just such a neat event raising money and awareness for a fantastic cause, but it is so truly awesome to be able to watch so many people conquer their fear of heights!Β That may be a surprising sentence, but I am always surprised by how many of the participants are there not only to support the charity, but also to overcome their fear of heights by rappelling down the side of a building. As somehow who semi-recently discovered that they are afraid of heights (thanks to a trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral back in 2008), I definitely applaud all of the participants, by particularly those who conquered their fears to be part of this super fun event!

I also bring up my (not so slight) fear of heights because unlike previous years when I was photographing everything from the ground (the nice, safe, solid ground) where I like to be, this year I was up on the rooftop grabbing photos of participants as they went over the edge! You see, the venue this year was the always lovely Brookstreet Hotel, and that meant that two photographers (aka Dave and me) were needed on the roof to make sure we could get the shots of the rappellers’ faces as they took those first few steps off the edge. As unnerving as the first few minutes were on the roof for me, I eventually got used to being up there. I actually ended up feeling pretty safe up there, although I am confident that the safe feeling was probably due to be tied off and in a harness the entire day. Huge thanks to the Over the Edge team for making sure Dave and I were nice and secure up there, you guys are awesome!

But that’s enough about me, let’s focus on how fantastic all these people are for supporting Make-A-Wish. This charity truly does such a great job granting life-changing wishes for kids with critical illnesses and it really is a true honour for us to be part of something to magical. I love that so many members of the community feel the same way we do about the work that these kind-hearted people do and want to support them and the children as much as we do!


To check out the absolutely amazing sponsors of the event definitely check out the official Rope for Hope site.

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