Beantown Ranch Wedding: Sarah + Paul

Beantown Ranch Lord of the Rings Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 41I remember looking up some sort of wedding photographer membership when I first started my business. It required you to have shot a minimum of 50 weddings with a suggested number of at least 100 weddings. I saw those numbers and thought well that is impossible! There is no way 100 couples will ask me to photograph their wedding. Well guys, despite my pessimism back then, it actually happened! And even better than that, Sarah + Paul got to be couple #100 with their amazing Lord of the Rings themed wedding day!

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I have been playing in CS5 Extended and have done some work with the stacked layers feature. Essentially it allows you to stack your photos one on top of the other and have non-common elements of the photos show through each layer. You then have multiple ways you can have the photos add to one another, one of which is to multiply them on top of each other. This method works brilliantly for fireworks and I am pretty happy with how the photos from Canada Day 2011 came out using this feature.


Canada Day Celebrations

I love fireworks. The bright lights, the booming sounds that shake your very core, the anticipation that builds between each set. It is because of this love that I bear the crowds and head downtown whenever there is a fireworks show.

This past Canada Day was no exception as we made our way across the river to Gatineau to shoot from behind the Museum of Civilization. This way, we overlooked the Ottawa River and downtown Ottawa. It was a great show!



We recently spent a weekend in Montreal. We visited Notre Dame Cathedral, St. Joseph’s Oratory, the Biodome, Olympic Park, the Botanical Gardens, Downtown Montreal (where they were having fireworks!) and of course, took in a Cirque show.

To view more photos from this location, visit our Flickr set here.