Canadian Museum of Nature Winter Wedding: Jennifer + Steve

Museum-of-Nature-Winter-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyJenn + Steve’s wedding day started off with clear weather, then moved into freezing rain/slush, and ended up having a mini-blizzard right in the middle of it! In fact, at one point in the day, the snowflakes were so dense and large that they looked completely fake (like they were made of foam and a wind machine)! Jenn wanted snow on her wedding day and boy-oh-boy did she get it! This wonderfully sweet couple definitely made the most of it during their portrait portion of the day! Getting completely drenched by the snow was definitely worth the shots we got out in that less than pleasant weather.⁠⠀

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A Decade has Passed

IMG_20130528_105352When Dave and I were married, we officially got a new anniversary of September 29. We still, however, celebrated our old anniversary last year as it was habit really and this year, we will be celebrating it for the final time before we officially retire it. We will be celebrating it this one last time because today marks the tenth year we have been together!!

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Froggy Research

I always arrive to my shoot location early. I do this to check out the lighting and make sure the different photo spots I was thinking of will work for the shoot on that particular day. When I am shooting at a new location, I like to check it out in advance if at all possible. You see, I am a planner, so I like to know what I am getting into with respect to lighting and spots for photos as best as possible. Sometimes it isn’t possible to check things out in person and lucky for me in this age of technology, there are almost always photos online.

This past weekend Dave and I did some research for possible shots at the Museum of Nature. While we were there we visited the various exhibits including the Special Frogs exhibit. Now, I am not a frog lover, in fact they often gross me out immensely. But the teeny-tiny, brightly-coloured ones make me happy, like the below tree frog.

Museum of Nature Tree FrogIsn’t this little guy cute?! Besides getting some shots of little frogs, we found so many fantastic spots for photos and I am oh so looking forward to my shoot there later this year!! Ottawa is such a beautiful city and I love that I not only get to live here, but also photograph others here as they celebrate their lives.