A Decade has Passed

IMG_20130528_105352When Dave and I were married, we officially got a new anniversary of September 29. We still, however, celebrated our old anniversary last year as it was habit really and this year, we will be celebrating it for the final time before we officially retire it. We will be celebrating it this one last time because today marks the tenth year we have been together!!

A decade has passed since we played Risk and I tried to be cool and not get noticed staring at him.
A decade has passed since we chatted through MSN Messenger and I told him I liked him.
A decade has passed since I sat through a never-ending physics lab with his friends while I waited for his response and I returned to my suite to find him waiting for me.
A decade has passed since we sat nervously beside each other at Yuk Yuk’s, since we shared our first kiss and spent all night talking and getting to know each other (I know it sounds corny, but I swear that is what happened).
A decade has past since we walked the tunnels together avoiding the harsh Ottawa winters.
A decade has passed since Dave walked me to my first class each day and met me in between most classes to walk me to my next one (a valiant effort to spend more time together and still get through our full class schedule).
A decade has past since we fell in love.

Like I have so many times before, I have decided to put together a collection of photos to mark this occasion and help me express the feelings I struggle to share with words.

2004 was the year we met and started dating (and I stole his high school sweater).

Steph and Dave 2004

2006 was the year I realized there was only the one photo of the two of us. (other things happened I swear – there are just no photos)

Steph & Dave 2006

2007 marked the second year I attended Dave’s family summer reunion. I was a tad more comfortable the second time around (though still incredibly nervous). Today I love these family get-togethers. It was the year we started exploring the Ottawa museums. It also happened to be the year we got our iron rings.

Steph & Dave 2007 Steph & Dave 2007Steph and Dave 2007 Steph and Dave 2007Steph and Dave 2007

2008 marked the year of my first DSLR and we started going to the cottage each summer. Oh and we happened to graduate from University (though technically we finished our courses in 2007).Steph & Dave 2008 Steph & Dave 2008Steph & Dave 2008

2010 marked our first real trip together (though the 16-hours we spent in the car going to and from the cottage should count too). We went to Florida to visit his parents and go to Disney. I want to point out that I kicked his butt in the Buzz Lightyear game (multiple times). And though I have no photos to prove it, 2010 was the year we got engaged.

Steph & Dave 2010 Steph & Dave 2010 Steph & Dave 2010 Steph & Dave 2010

2012 was a big year for us as, after 8 1/2 years, we got married. The wedding was beautiful and I thank everyone who came to share our day with us and who sent us well wishes for our new married life together.

Steph & Dave 2012 Steph & Dave 2012 Steph & Dave 2012 Steph & Dave 2012

2013 was a busy year for us. We traveled more than we had before, we went to Seattle & Alaska (and more of Alaska) and of course Los Angeles & Blizzcon.

Steph and Dave 2013Steph and Dave 2013

A decade has passed and I love him more today than I did then. I love him more than I could ever express in words or photos and I can’t wait to see what the next ten years (and more) has in store for us.

As you can see, I didn’t hit every year, and there were big events that happened in the years where there are no photos, like our siblings getting married, buying our house and becoming an aunt/uncle. And yes, this is the vast majority of the photos we have of us together – I guess that is what happens when a) you are a photographer and b) you don’t like being in front of a camera.
Photographs by Stephanie Beach Photography, Dave’s long arms, Fifteen Fifty-One Photography, Christine Sweeton, John Koning, Justin Will, Dan Armstrong, Zhe Yan and Disney Park Photo Staff (if I forgot to credit someone, I apologize).

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