My Future Assistant

When Jackson was a baby he stared at my camera, it was great for taking photos of him. When he got older, he liked the sound it made. Then, in an effort to keep his little paws off my lens, I taught him how to press the shutter buttons (and better yet, taught him that he only gets to press those buttons). Without ever showing him where to look, or even showing him the back of the camera, Jackson did this earlier this year.

Jackson using my D3s

I was just sitting on the chair, holding my camera in my lap, like I do, when he came up to me. I figured he wanted to press the shutter button so I put it on Jackson mode (aka single shutter instead of low or high repeating shots), and instead of hitting his buttons, he put his eye up to the viewfinder. He even put his little fingers on the top shutter button (or near it at least). He did it a couple times, though a few times he closed the wrong eye.

The thing I love the most about this (and find scary at the same time), is that he learnt this by watching me. No one showed him how to do it, or even told him to. He just always sees me doing it so he did it.

You’ll have to excuse the photo quality – these were taken using a phone and the room was quite dark. But I think the incredibly high degree of cuteness and awesomeness in the photos makes up for it. You will also have to excuse my appearance in the photos – in fact, pay no attention to the woman in the photos.