One Year Later: A Look Back at How I Became a Full-Time Photographer

Follow-Your-Dreams-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-inspiration-quote One year ago today I was working my very last day as an Environmental Engineer. It was at a job I had worked so hard for after finishing university and one that I was pretty darn good at, if I do say so myself (which I have to right now since I am the one writing this). But after years of disappointment and unhappiness, I realized it was time to move on and follow my dreams (and my heart).

(quick little side note/warning: this post is long and full of inspirational quotes because I couldn’t make it shorter nor could I think of more appropriate images)

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Love, Handmade Wedding Show, 2017

Love-Handmade-Wedding-Show-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyAnother off-season month means another wedding show. This time we were able to participate in the Love, Handmade Wedding Show, which is a little different than other shows since it is held at night, is licensed, has a signature cocktail and held in a very unique venue.

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Tie the Knot Wedding Show, 2017

tie-the-knot-wedding-show-ottawa-stephanie-beach-photographyWe were a part of so many shows last year and to be honest, it was too many. We were so worn out by the end and we also weren’t able to take full advantage of them as we found that we were turning away most of the interested couples based on not being available for their wedding date.

So this year, we decided to cut back on the number of shows we did – big time. In the end, we are only doing a couple shows this year and we have tried to pick ones that are pretty different from each other. Our first show was the always fantastic Tie the Knot Wedding Show just this past weekend and I am so glad we kept it on our list.

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I can hardly believe it…

Stephanie Beach Photography at the Magazine Stand Ottawa Wedding Magazine SpringSummer 2015There have been quite a few announcements from us so far in 2015. Most of them have been upgrades to our services that I have been working on for quite some time (like our new Wedding Registries program and Online Store), but the a few were truly a dream come true!! I can hardly believe it, but this month we were published in both online and print publications!!!

I have been working very hard on submitting weddings here and there, trying to write as well as I could (as you know this isn’t really a strength for me) and working with my past brides to come up with the best submissions, but to be honest, I didn’t really expect any of the submissions to come to fruition. But it was worth a try, and you know what they say, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So after submitting, I just waited. I figured I wouldn’t hear much, if anything at all, but then the emails started coming in…

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