Le Belvedere Wedding: Sarah + Isabelle

Le-Belvedere-Wedding-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI honestly don’t even know where to start when describing Sarah + Isabelle’s wedding day because literally every thing about it was a complete and utter knockout! The decor, the vendors, the view, the people, the shenanigans and, because it deserves to be mentioned at least twice, the people! Seriously even with all the amazing things that this wedding had, the people were what made it so indescribably amazing. From the wedding party to the families everyone was so sweet and helpful and full of so much love for this wonderful couple.

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Find us at an upcoming show

Stephanie Beach Photography Ottawa Wedding Show 01I have this feeling that 2016 is going to be a-freaking-mazing!!!

We have already shot our first wedding of the year and we are all set for our second in just a couples weeks. But before then, we start our winter wedding show season and I just wanted to quickly share where you can come find us in the Ottawa and surrounding area in the next few months.

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Wall Street Church & Brockville Rowing Club Wedding: Heather + Jules

Brockville Blockhouse Island Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyI have mentioned before that I grew up in a small town. It was the sort of place where most everyone knew each other. You may not have known their life story, but you knew their face and name. And right next to this small town was a small city (well actually there was a tiny village or two between, but you get the point). The two went hand-in-hand in my opinion since if you lived in the small town, you likely worked in the small city and definitely needed the larger stores, etc. that were there.

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Wall Street Church & Brockville Rowing Club Wedding: Heather + Jules, Sneak Peek

Wall Street Church & Brockville Rowing Club Brockville Wedding Photographer Stephanie Beach PhotographySometimes you meet people who you know are right for each other. People that make each other so happy and with one another they become the very best versions of themselves. Now I know this sounds horribly cliché, and that the line is likely from one of the many rom-coms I love to watch (I may even be watching one right now), but nonetheless, it is true.

There really are people out there who make each other that happy and really do belong together that much. And it is through my business that I have the pleasure of not only meeting them, but getting to know them as they plan their wedding days and start their lives together.

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