Mill Street Restaurant, Brockville Wedding: Meaghan + John

Mill Restaurant Brockville Wedding Photography Stephanie Beach Photography 010I really love small weddings. Don’t get me wrong, big weddings can be super fun and full of fantastic shenanigans, but small weddings have an atmosphere that just can’t be beat. So when Meaghan + John mentioned that they were having a small midday wedding, I was super excited!

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Hardy Park Engagement Session: Jenn + Donny

Brockville Engagement Session Stephanie Beach PhotographyIt was shortly after I got my driver’s license that I realized just how small a town I lived in. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great place to grow up and is still a wonderful town, but as a teenager, it was small, very small. There wasn’t much to do during the evenings where my friends and I managed to tear ourselves away from whatever basement we were watching movies in,  we would end up driving around more or less aimlessly. We would often end up driving near the waterfront in Brockville and then either driving or walking along the Boardwalk. I am not sure why we always ended up there, but we did. So when Jenn + Donny mentioned Hardy Park for their engagement session I was definitely up for it!

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Hardy Park Engagement Session: Jenn + Donny, Sneak Peek

Brockville Engagement Session Stephanie Beach PhotographySo, the warm weather sure is taking its sweet time getting here! But I’m not really complaining, the weather now it a whole lot better than the dead of winter, and to be honest, I am more of a Fall and Spring kind of person anyway. That being said, I was really hoping that the trees would fill up a little bit before Jenn + Donny’s session came around. But despite the bare trees and cold breeze every now and then, their engagement shoot was so much fun! Continue reading “Hardy Park Engagement Session: Jenn + Donny, Sneak Peek”

Keeping My Composure

I am always super happy on wedding days. Happy because I get to photograph people on one of the biggest days of their lives and happy because I am doing what I love.

Tara + Daryl’s wedding was a beautiful event and it made me happy to capture their big day. I was super happy for all my regular reasons, and then even happier because I was getting to do it while spending time with my family. But there were definitely moments where I lost my composure.

Tara’s Dad (my Uncle) passed away during my first year of university. I remember the late night phone call from my Dad telling me that his brother had died. I remember the long drive home to get to his wake. And I remember my Aunt holding my hands in hers, telling me it was okay that I miss his funeral to write an exam, that he was proud of me and would want me to do my very best on it. I cried throughout every second of that exam, but I nailed it.

Wedding Show Charms - Stephanie Beach Photography

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