Red Pine Camp, Golden Lake Wedding: Mary + Adam

Red Pine Camp Golden Lake Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 23A lot of brides use their wedding bouquet to help commemorate a loved one who isn’t around anymore, or to cherish a special moment or item. I myself used part of my mom’s wedding veil as the wrap of my bouquet and we have seen many other brides who have used a necklace, photo locket or other such item as part of their bouquet to highlight someone near and dear to them. But Mary’s wedding bouquet has to be one of the sweetest and most thoughtful ones we have photographed yet as it was literally made from notes the bride received from her mom over the years.

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Red Pine Camp, Golden Lake Wedding: Mary + Adam, Sneak Peek

Red-Pine-Camp-Golden-Lake-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThe drive out to Golden Lake, although long, was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was clear and oh so pretty and the temperature was just right (well according to me who loves the cooler weather), and the closer we got, the better the views got! The area is absolutely stunning and Red Pine Camp itself is such a great place, not only for camping and just generally having a good time, but also for a really relaxed and awesome wedding.

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Happy Anniversary Teri + Greg

Hockley Valley Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyI can hardly believe that is was only a year ago that we headed down to Toronto for a beautiful plugged in wedding at the Hockley Valley Resort.

Teri + Greg’s wedding day was such a dream to photograph. They were absolutely stunning (seriously, they were both knock outs!!), their family and friends were so kind and everything about their day was super fun!

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Hockley Valley Resort Wedding: Teri + Greg

Hockley Valley Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyAs I mentioned in their sneak peek, Teri is a super kind and down to earth person. When we first starting chatting about her wedding, she let me know that she wanted something as simple as possible. All of that being said, she wanted to make sure it was a great party and let me know that the happiness of her friends and family was one of her top priorities. I love these kinds of weddings because they always turn out to be pretty relaxed (or as relaxed as weddings can get really) and are always super fun!

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