Red Pine Camp, Golden Lake Wedding: Mary + Adam, Sneak Peek

Red-Pine-Camp-Golden-Lake-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThe drive out to Golden Lake, although long, was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was clear and oh so pretty and the temperature was just right (well according to me who loves the cooler weather), and the closer we got, the better the views got! The area is absolutely stunning and Red Pine Camp itself is such a great place, not only for camping and just generally having a good time, but also for a really relaxed and awesome wedding.

When Mary + Adam reached out to us about their wedding day we were super excited at just the sound of it. Their goal was to have a weekend filled with quality time with and for their guests where everyone could leave feeling like they enjoyed a wonderful wedding and had a great weekend too all while maintaining a laid back, casual atmosphere. And honestly, I think they absolutely nailed it!

We drove/walked around the camp a little when we first arrived and honestly, I thought everyone there were just regular campers (which meant I was instantly thinking of ways to shoot the portraits later on where there wouldn’t be all of these people in the background). People were throwing frisbees, playing sports around the different courts, blowing and running after bubbles, and just generally hanging out and having a good time. It wasn’t until Mary said they had rented out the entire camp that I realized that all of these people were actually their family and friends who would be celebrating the wedding with the couple later on in the day.

And that relaxed feeling lasted throughout the entire day. There were little to no stressful moments or drama all day long and it was absolutely lovely! Everyone was just so calm and so utterly and completely happy for these two amazing people. It was not only a great day to photograph, but really just a wonderful thing to be a part of and I am super excited to share a few sneak peeks from Mary + Adam’ wedding day.


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  1. Your discription of this wedding , Mary’s vision and the whole weekend at Red Pine Camp is exactly my own sentiments. Mary accomplished exactly the kind od wedding she dreamed of and we, as her guests , couldn’t have been more pleased as well as taken care of. Thank you Mary and Adam for an amazing time. Love you , Donna and Jamesy ❤️❤️❤️

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